TimeDistanceMeetingLocation / GroupAddressRegionDistrictTypes
Montreal Quebec Literature, Newcomer, Online (only), Open
7:30 am Thursday Morning Meditation
Blessed Sacrament Church
In-person and Online
6657 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles County Online (only)
7:45 am Good Morning Higher Power Thursday
307 W 38th St New York Closed, LGBTQ, Location Temporarily Closed, Online (only)
8:00 am CMA Carrollton
The Consolidated Group (AA Hour Club)
218 Mandeville Ave Georgia Open
8:00 am Daily Check In Thursday
Washington, DC Washington DC Online (only), Open
9:00 am Bronx Breakfast Club Thursday
Bronx, NY 10453 New York Literature, Online (only), Open
11:30 am Break The Ice
The Pier - Recovery Community Center
1002 Monmouth St Kentucky Closed, LGBTQ, Newcomer
Noon SexIn2MeUC
Castro Country Club
4058 18th St San Francisco County Speaker
Noon Serenity at Noon Thursday
Central Christian Church Dallas
In-person and Online
4711 Westside Dr Texas Closed, Literature, Online (only), Step Meeting
Noon Second Chance Recovery
Harmons Playfield
307 W Northend Ave Arkansas
Noon CMA Online Nooner
San Francisco, CA 94114 San Francisco County Online (only), Open
1:00 pm Spiritual Principles
In-person and Online
Kennington Oval England Online (only), Open
2:00 pm CMA Chicago NTAC Thursday Afternoon
Chicago, IL 60657 Illinois Online (only)
5:15 pm H.O.W.
First Congregational Church
1550 N Broad St Nebraska Open, Wheelchair Access
5:30 pm We-Not-Me
Grace Church of the Nazarene
540 E Walnut Lawn St Missouri Open
5:30 pm Mosaic Place. Rebuilt. Not Broken.
Mosaic Place
321 West Ave Georgia Open
6:00 pm Celebration Pointe
6110 Howdershell Rd Missouri Literature, Open, Smoking Permitted, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access, Young People
6:00 pm Dakota Pride's Open CMA Group
Dakota Pride Center - Sisseton
Dakota Dr South Dakota Open
6:00 pm Unspun Monkey
Isabella Lake
51 W Delight Park Ct Washington Outdoor Meeting
6:00 pm The End Of The Line
1217 Stone St Arkansas
6:00 pm Life After Meth Thursday
Living Word Fellowship Church
1051 E Riverside Dr Indiana Closed
6:00 pm In the Clear
893 24th St Utah Open
6:00 pm Unspun Heroes
Peer Seattle
1520 Bellevue Ave Washington LGBTQ, Open, Speaker
6:00 pm Sunset Paddle
Presbyterian Church - NSW
13 Ruskin St New South Wales Open
6:00 pm Are You A Tweeker?
The Fountain Valley Alano Club
In-person and Online
16581 Brookhurst St Orange County Online (only), Open
6:00 pm Serenity Seekers
True Hope Fellowship
2580 S 17th Ave Southern Arizona
6:00 pm CMA Chicago Daily Meeting - No Matter What
Chicago, IL 60657 Illinois Online (only), Open
6:00 pm CMA Newcomer Meeting @ Spencer House
Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles County LGBTQ, Newcomer, Online (only), Open
6:00 pm Let's Talk About Sex - First and Third Thursdays
Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles County Closed, LGBTQ, Online (only)
6:00 pm Living with Life-limiting Illness
New Haven, CT Connecticut Closed, Online (only), Speaker
6:00 pm We Won't Pick Up Thursday
North Bay Village, FL Miami Dade County Online (only), Open
6:30 pm Life After Crystal
First Mennonite Church
In-person and Online
430 W 9th Ave Colorado LGBTQ, Literature, Online (only), Open, Speaker, Step Meeting
6:30 pm Fishtown CMA
Hope on Girard
126 W Girard Ave Pennsylvania Open
6:30 pm Chattanooga Group of CMA - Thursday
St Andrews Center
1918 Union Ave Tennessee Open
6:30 pm Steps 1 2 3
St Helen’s Community Centre
184 Glebe Point Rd New South Wales Open, Step Meeting
6:45 pm CMA en Español
LGBT Community Center (the Center)
210 W 13th St New York Literature, Newcomer, Spanish, Speaker
7:00 pm 12 Step House Thur NE
12 Step House
7306 Grant St Nebraska Open
7:00 pm Midtown Tweakers
All God's Children Metropolitan Community Church
3100 Park Ave Minnesota LGBTQ, Literature, Newcomer, Open, Speaker
7:00 pm CMA Hybrid Big Book Study
Atlantic Alano Club
In-person and Online
600 Redondo Ave Los Angeles County Literature, Online (only), Open, Step Meeting
7:00 pm Hope With Out Dope
Bethel Church
1312 Walnut St E North Dakota Newcomer, Open
7:00 pm CMA Calhoun
Blackwood Springs Baptist Church
4921 Fairmount Hwy SE Georgia Open
7:00 pm Uptown Connection
Convent of the Good Shepherd
630 Isham St New York Closed
7:00 pm CMA Open Meeting
Dakota Pride Center - Sisseton
Dakota Dr South Dakota Open
7:00 pm Tweakless
Dudley School - Alamagordo
523 Maryland Ave New Mexico Open
7:00 pm Together We Can
Ebenezer Lutheran Church
1650 W Foster Ave Illinois
7:00 pm Devil's Dandruff
Edmonton Alano Club
In-person and Online
10728 124 St Alberta Online (only), Open
7:00 pm Birthday Group
Fellowship Hall of SLC
2060 S Windsor St Utah
7:00 pm Light on the Hill Thursday
First Baptist Church
501 E Main St Texas Open
7:00 pm IceBreakers
First Christian Church
910 N Indiana Ave Indiana LGBTQ, Newcomer, Open, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm UNSPUN Group
Focus On Recovery
3711 Executive Center Dr Georgia Newcomer, Wheelchair Access, Young People
7:00 pm Nothing Less Than Recovery Success
Jacksonville, AR
270 Phillips Rd Arkansas Literature, Newcomer, Smoking Permitted, Step Meeting
7:00 pm FTL Beginner’s Meeting
Lambda South, Las Olas
1231 E Las Olas Blvd A Broward County
7:00 pm Tweeker Central
Lynnwood Alano Club
4001 198th St SW Washington LGBTQ, Open, Young People
7:00 pm Central Valley CMA
New Harvest Church
698 N Minnewawa Ave Fresno County Open, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Thursday Evening Speaker Meeting
New Town Alano Club
909 W Belmont Ave Illinois Closed
7:00 pm Thank God It's Thursday Palm Springs Speaker Meeting
Palm Springs, CA Riverside County LGBTQ, Online (only), Speaker
River of Life Church
150 Birch St N Minnesota Open
Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living
3891 Ridge Rd Riverside County Closed, LGBTQ, Speaker, Transgender
7:00 pm Gold Coast
St John’s Anglican Church
14 Park Ave Queensland Open
7:00 pm Queens' Solution
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
33-50 82nd St New York Closed, LGBTQ
7:00 pm Yes We Can
The Chambers, St Mark's church
337 Kennington Park Rd England Open, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm CMA Squad 27 - Ground Zero
The Downtown Alano Society of St. Paul
520 Robert St N Minnesota
7:00 pm Cranking Crazies
The SHED at Serenity Center
In-person and Online
45 Union St New Hampshire Online (only), Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Mission Bell
The Salvation Army Waterston Centre
1845 Osler St Saskatchewan Open, Wheelchair Access, Young People
7:00 pm Tweakless in Alamogordo
The Step House
850 Wright Ave New Mexico Open
7:00 pm The Outsiders Thursday
The Triangle Club
702 Lakeshore Cir NE Georgia LGBTQ, Open, Young People
7:00 pm Vineyard Unicorns Women's Meeting Women
Vineyard Faith Fellowship
6422 N 65th Dr Central Arizona Women
7:00 pm Philly CMA Thursday
William Way Community Center
1315 Spruce St Pennsylvania Open, Step Meeting
7:00 pm Unspun
Zia Recovery - Las Cruces
303 Alameda Blvd New Mexico Speaker
7:00 pm Coven
New York, NY 10018 New York LGBTQ, Online (only), Open
7:00 pm Daily Zoom Round-Up
Washington, DC Washington DC LGBTQ, Literature, Newcomer, Online (only), Open, Step Meeting
7:00 pm Downtown TnT Meeting
Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles County LGBTQ, Online (only), Open
7:00 pm Living Healthy In Recovery
San Jose, CA Santa Clara County Online (only), Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Living with Dual Diagnosis
New York, NY 10018 New York Closed, Online (only)
7:00 pm Mental Health Matters
Long Beach, CA Los Angeles County Online (only)
7:00 pm Philly CMA Thursday Online Meeting
Philadelphia, PA 19107 Pennsylvania Literature, Online (only), Open
7:00 pm Rise Like a Phoenix Daily Mediation
Gauteng South Africa Literature, Newcomer, Online (only), Open, Speaker
7:00 pm Sex & Relationships in Sobriety
San Diego, CA San Diego Closed, Online (only)
7:15 pm CMA Rocks Thursday
Crossroads West
7523 N 35th Ave Central Arizona Open
7:15 pm CMA Baltimore
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
811 Cathedral St Maryland Literature, Open, Speaker
7:15 pm Faith Over Fear
The Spot
4220 W Northern Ave #111 Central Arizona
7:15 pm Sex and Relationships in Recovery
Triangle Club
1638 R St NW Washington DC Closed
7:15 pm Bitches Breaking Bad: A Women's Meeting of Crystal Meth Anonymous Women
Denver, CO 80223 Colorado Online (only), Transgender, Women
7:15 pm It Works How And Why
San Francisco, CA 94115 San Francisco County Online (only), Open, Speaker, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm CMA Montréal - Vaisseau d'Or
Annexe de l'église Très-Saint-Rédempteur
1487 Rue Aylwin Quebec LGBTQ, Open
7:30 pm Smash the Glass
CA Meeting Room
44814 Date Ave Los Angeles County LGBTQ, Open, People of Color, Speaker, Wheelchair Access, Young People
7:30 pm Shatterproof
Hope Recovery Center
293 Wilson St New Hampshire Open, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Thursday Night Beginners
In-person and Online
69a Kilmarnock St Massachusetts Newcomer, Online (only), Open, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm Tweakin Our Recovery
Nashville Recovery Center
6030 Neighborly Ave Tennessee Open
7:30 pm Crystal Clear
Northwest Alano Club
3120 W Curtis Rd Southern Arizona
7:30 pm Meeting On The Hill
Rainbow Hill Sober Living
1619 Champlain Terrace Los Angeles County LGBTQ, Open, Young People
7:30 pm The Thursday Solution
5441 SE Belmont St Oregon Literature, Open, Step Meeting
7:30 pm Thoughtful Thursday
Woods Home
In-person and Online
1008 14 St SE Alberta Online (only), Open, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm CMA Rocks Thursday online
Phoenix, AZ 85006 Central Arizona Online (only)
7:30 pm Tweakers R Us
Santa Ana, CA 92708 Orange County Newcomer, Online (only), Open
7:45 pm CMA Big Book Study Meeting
LGBT Community Center (the Center)
210 W 13th St New York Literature, Open
8:00 pm Bismark CMA
215 W Front Ave North Dakota Open
8:00 pm Alpha Tweakers (Second Thursday of the month only)
Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church
4655 Webb Bridge Rd Georgia Open
8:00 pm Padre Hope Group
Corpus Christi Medical Center
6629 Wooldridge Rd Texas Open
8:00 pm A Vision for You
First Congregational United Church of Christ
2201 W Woodlawn Ave Idaho LGBTQ, Open
8:00 pm Regardless Of
Harrisburg Friends Meeting
1100 N 6th St Pennsylvania Open
8:00 pm Triumphant Arch
KJ’s Sober Living
22941 Ford Rd Texas LGBTQ, Newcomer, Open, Step Meeting
8:00 pm Are You a Tweaker?
Lambda Center, Houston
1201 W Clay St Texas Literature, Open
8:00 pm Tacos and Tweakers
Memorial Park
1401 Olympic Blvd Los Angeles County LGBTQ, Speaker
8:00 pm Pink Cloud
Nashville Recovery Center
6030 Neighborly Ave Tennessee Literature, Newcomer, Open
8:00 pm Spiritual Salad Spinner
Glendale, CA 91205 Los Angeles County Online (only), Open
8:00 pm Sweet Meeting - Thursday
Rising Sun Wellness Center
151 W Brundage St Wyoming
8:00 pm Bucks CMA
Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church
In-person and Online
54 W Afton Ave Pennsylvania Literature, Online (only), Speaker, Step Meeting
8:00 pm Group One Thursday
Saint Mark's United Methodist Church
6422 Santa Fe Dr Kansas Open
8:00 pm Steps 1-2-3
Surry Hills Mission Australia Centre
19 Denham St New South Wales Open, Step Meeting
8:00 pm Thursday Night Meeting
Turtle Lake Seventh Day Adventist
529 Roosevelt St North Dakota Newcomer, Open, Smoking Permitted, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm California Coastal Virtual CMA Meeting
California California Virtual Online (only), Open
Culver City, CA Los Angeles County LGBTQ, Literature, Online (only), Open
8:30 pm Breaking the Ice Thursday
St. Mary's & The Missions
554 15th St E Ontario Open
8:30 pm SOBE Random Daily Reading Meeting
The Sobe Room
1718 Bay Rd Miami Dade County LGBTQ, Literature, Open
9:00 pm Whistling In the Dark
Club 101
7517 Cameron Rd Texas Open
9:00 pm Topics in Recovery
Saint John's In the Village
224 Waverly Pl New York Open, Speaker