CMA Roundups

plural noun: cma roundups

the gathering together of people that are recovered crystal meth addicts.

CMA Retreats

cma'retreat plural noun: cma a spiritual gathering of people that are recovered crystal meth addict

the CMA Conference

A Conference is a event put on by the CMA's General Service Organization for the betterment of the entire fellowship.

The General Service Conference of Crystal Meth Anonymous (C.M.A.) is the guardian of world services and of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of C.M.A.

The Conference shall be a service body only, never a governing body for C.M.A. What about the. What is the Difference between all these events? Not much. They are all events designed to share the message of recovery and to have FUN. a large meeting or roundup, especially of members of a fellowship of recovered crystal meth addicts.

But our experience has shown that without the Steps we could not stay sober.

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