A Family of My Own Understanding

“I wish I had never adopted you!” “I don’t love you!” “You make me want to kill myself!” These words made up a constant refrain that defined who I believed I was for most of my life. I was convinced that I was fundamentally broken and completely unlovable. Those beliefs would be what drove me […]

The Party Isn’t Over

Last night was CMA’s annual holiday party on Washington Square. And, wow—what a night! Hundreds of happy guys and gals eating, singing, dancing, and generally carrying on. Everybody getting their holiday groove on, everybody pitching in in some way, small or large. Will and Bruce manning the boffo buffet. Jono tinkling the ivories. Karen cutting […]

A Jail Story

Generally, I’m an introvert and I keep to myself. Discovering alcohol and other drugs in my teens allowed me the courage to let loose. I always managed to put those other substances down. It wasn’t until I met Tina and G on South Beach during the era of Liquid Nightclub, Crobar, Level, and Salvation (I […]

A Mother and Daughter’s Perspective

A Daughter’s Experience Sitting here on a Saturday afternoon with my mom, drinking coffee and reminiscing about our journey through addiction and recovery. As mother and daughter we feel we have a unique perspective on addiction. We are both addicts and we have both recovered in our own time. Growing up, I remember two things […]